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Media Services
Either you are small media producer or large media broadcaster, You can make a contract and feel free for the support of your modern edit/ingest/playback systems whether they need repairing, optimization or upgrade.
You want to optimize your current IT facilities, or you want to expand your business and you want to utilize current system with new equipment with minimum performance and minimum cost. You need to plan in the best then we share our knowledge and more than a decade experience with you.
Home Services
Whether you require simple maintenance on your home desktop/laptop or require reformat and reinstall programs or you worry about viruses and malware you can contact us. If you want to make your desktop/laptop and other home appliances network to gather or if you want to apply some security to your house you can feel calm if you pass us these tasks.
Backup and Recovery
This is the hidden requirement usually seen after some disaster, unintentionally mistakes or compromising by offender. Pay attention to this returnable investment and we will present you automatic and manual backup and reliable recovery solutions.
Security and Network Setup
Either you have small or medium size business the security and network quality would be your main concern and how to make you comfortable is our skill.
Technical Resource
This is not just an issue for small size companies but also medium size organizations also are looking for some company to take the responsibility of IT related headaches. By this way you concentrate on your business targets and we will take care of this matter by providing either technical personnels or IT equipments and spares.


Undesirable Accesses

>> offers you Strong Countermeasures


Service Failures

We restore and repair with fast/reliable methods


Deficient Production

Our expert engineers boost the performance